A Thousand Times
    by Bonney Jo Bott  05/27/2004

A thousand times your name is heard in whispers and in shouts,
Expressing hope that in some form prayers will be answered.  
My shouts echo off the ceiling in my empty bedroom.

A thousand times your warmth is felt in every crevice of my soul,
Arms wrapped around in strength and protection,
Your body at my side, your breath upon my neck, your kiss upon my lips.

A thousand times your unique scent wafts over me,
Your essence tying us through eternity.
Why must mine be so inferior as not to capture your love?

A thousand times your taste teases and reminds
It's only a figment of imagination, the sweetest of sweets,
That may never be proven or replaced with reality.

A thousand times your presence makes me shiver from the inside,
In person not nearly enough, that desired quiver,
But shared every moment in my thoughts and dreams.

A thousand times your beautiful face is seen, etched in memory,
And I long to become lost in the depths of the pools in your eyes
With tears emptying mine replaced by my smile of utter fulfillment and satisfaction.

A thousand times I hear your resonant voice.
My heart sings with the melody as your words flush my doubt.
You love me.