by Bonney Jo Bott  07/16/2006

Starting the day you are born, people come into your life.
Some stay an hour, a day or two, then disappear forever.
Several have labels like parent, sibling, or relative.
Through time, these important people may also earn the title, friend.

A list may contain those unaware you want them in your life.
No matter the effort you make, the bond does not last.
First developed friendships are often discovered at school.
Relationships are built on commonality and trust, woven with caring, love, and support.

Future direction is steered by these friendships.
As time goes by, special people fall within your circle.
The closer the friend, the more influence they have.
Yet, influential people fade away. Some are replaced.

Others stay in touch.  Those not destined pass like ships in the night.
And a very special few remain, engraved upon your heart.
Those are appreciated for their advice, help, or forgiveness.
They are the ones to cherish and remember with fondness.

Some friends stay in your life, forever.
When they can't be with you, they live within your mind.
A best friend is a treasure often buried too deep to find.
If there's one, you're lucky, and blessed if you have more.

But have no doubt, you'll be able to count
Your true lifetime friends on one hand or two.
We are friends at least, special friends perhaps, hopefully best friends.
May I be your best friend, too?