His Touch
by Bonney Jo Bott    02/14/2003

A ray of warmth
Filters my thoughts
As they imagine
His tender touch.

The night is cold,
But the feel of his lips
Brushing mine
Increases the heat.

With his arms
Wrapped around my soul,
His strength protects me
From the weight of the world.

Security allows me to sleep
And dream
And smile
Until morning.


A ray of light
Brightens my vision
Of companionship
And compassion.

The touch of his soft voice
Transfers warm vibrations
Upon my ear
Lulling me into a sense of security.

My trance is so strong,
Words and meanings
Are lost
And I request he repeat them.

I release
All my tensions
And worries
For the day.


A ray of hope
Encourages me to
Seek the happiness
Of my dreams.

To replace sad reality
With fun, excitement,
And joy
In my near future.

Then I will feel fulfilled,
Relaxed, adored.
Free to act on my fantasies
With him, my beloved.

To revel in his embrace
While he whispers
three special words,
So I know that I am adored.


My ray of love
Does all these things
And those beyond
My imagination.