I Want
       by Bonney Jo Bott 11/22/2007

To ignore you belching the alphabet
Or appreciate you singing with a quartet.

To take care of you with the flu,
Feeling blue along with you.

To trip on your feet
As we dance to a beat.

You expressing how you feel
With desires that are real.

To kiss your head sparse of hair
And hope in your mind I'm somewhere there.

You wearing the hat of a lover,
I've got so much more to discover

You in a hot spa
To play in the raw.

Nightly to hear your snore
With the sound of a lion's roar.

To make you insanely mad
With desire you've never had.

You driving me crazy with procrastination.
Sooner or later we'll feel elation.

Your hidden thoughts to be revealed.
Instead of questions returned as a shield.

Questions with answers
That don't remind me of tap dancers.

To look at you forever in awe
Que será, será.

Eventually, he and she...
We are allowed to be.

A chance to fulfill
My dreams, make them real.