by Bonney Jo Bott   03/12/2009

How do I occupy time
When I canŐt be with the one I love?

Playing solitaire is difficult
Reading blurred playing cards through tears.

Sewing projects
Unsuccessfully mend my broken heart.

Swimming laps
Takes me no closer to desire.

Writing immortalizes my
Endless love for you.

Sleepless days and nights reflect regret,
No chance for flesh to touch.

Without sleep, I canŐt dream.
Without dreams, I canŐt have you.  

Warm sunny beaches cool in comparison
To searing thoughts of you throughout the years.

Love burns, leaves a scar,
And continues to smolder.

Unfulfilled desire for your embrace,
Begs you hold me in your heart.

Forever thinking of you
Until itŐs Past Time.

Past touching, embracing, kissing, loving
And eternity steals all possibilities.