by Bonney Jo Bott  12/22/2005

It wasn't puppy love,
But that was part of it.
If I'd never told
You'd remain
The object of my desire.

Every passing day
You're on my mind.
You take my breath away.
I'd cherish your love,
A precious treasure.

The rose, an emblem of love,
You are my flower.
Love unfolds
To embrace someone special
And show you are beloved.

Each time I think of you
My heart soars.
It misses a beat.
When I can look into your eyes,
It's my desire to share a kiss.

Ignored wishes on a star
Each passing night.
I wake alone.
My broken heart
Aches without you.

You stole my heart
Where your name's engraved
And left a song
That never ends,
Playing in it's place.

You are the theme for my dreams.
To steal an intimate kiss
That would mean a thousand times more
If given freely.