Stolen Love
by Bonney Jo Bott  06/17/2003

1234.  What is this?  
Time on the clock.
A counting sequence  
An amount of money.

When she sees these numbers,
She thinks of him,
A ray of light and hope,
Her ray of friendship.

Hope is a waking dream
With ups and downs
Like the wings of a dove.
Never lose hope.

He’s more than her friend,
A trusted confidant,
But not yet the lover
Of her days and nights.

The cost of loving
Someone worth having
Is to give away
A piece of yourself.  

If feelings of love
Are effortless,
And love is not returned,
Does he steal her soul?

She wishes one day
Her imagined love
Is returned
To fill the voided space.  

Is he the thief
Who leaves a hole
Of love that will never heal
In her pierced heart?

1234.  Steps of progression
Toward joy
From secret hopes,
Her companion an affectionate reality.


A man seeks qualities in a mate
The same as those in his soul.
These make him feel special.
Her secluded hope, he looks for her.

She doesn’t need her 1234
To count constant, infinite thoughts of him.
Obsession, gathers in one word
Her object beloved.

Random numbers,
Not likely.
A secret she no longer keeps...
One special person.

He is all things this woman imagines:
Her faithful companion,
A trusted friend,
An exquisite lover.

But no one can live up to
Mystical attributes
Another’s mind bestows.
Hope is cold.

Aim high.  Smile.
Love is in excess.
Hope should never be deprived.
It may be all she has.

Hope to live in his memory
With a glow of happiness
Is an invincible feeling,
A secret gate.

He allows free expression
Of herself and aspirations
Without his commitment,
Promises or hope.

She does not leave the light of hope behind.
The future is her source.
Tomorrow starts at midnight
A new day to dream is at hand.

Courage earns freedom.
Freedom fosters happiness.
Cherish happy moments
To make life joyful.

Tell him immediately
Before the words become worthless.
To him she reveals her secret,
He causes her happiness.

A secret no more,
She expresses feelings of unending love.
Can dreams hurt
If she strives to make them real?

In her mind
He is the love of her life,
The object of her affection,
The keeper of her sanity.

Acts of caring and of love
Should never be forgotten.
Repayment of kindness

Does he steal her love
Or does she steal his?
Convince her she is loved
To fulfill life’s greatest pleasure.

True happiness requires
Affection, worth, and hope.
He is
Her ray of love.