Waiting for the Night

by Bonney Jo Bott   02/14/2009


I lay awake waiting for the night

You fall for me, dance with me,

Be my lover.

Don't be an almost-never-was.

You took my hand and danced with me

You kissed my lips, the taste so sweet,

And I reveled in your repeat.

Leave your fingerprints on my skin.


Be a fulfillment, my windmill, my dream-come-true.

Whisper the words I want to hear.

Then shout them to the world.  They're real,

"You're the one.  You're mine."

Your eyes light with desire

I want to say, "Come to me."

But if it's a wish you grant,

I'd prefer, "Love me, in every way."


I want you beside me on the beach,

Together sailing far away.

I toss and turn, but cannot sleep

Without imagining you beside me.