Without You
     by Bonney Jo Bott  10/09/2004

If every grain of sand
Represented a thought of you,
It would take all the beaches of the world
To count them.

And yet in your mind
I hold less importance,
Invisible in your waking hours...
But a possibility exists.

Could I be the focus
Of your subconscious dreams,
The object of your affection
Perhaps in a past life?

My heart is shattered
Love unrequited
Loneliness pounds my brain
A skipped beating in my chest calls to you.

Resigned never to hold you dearly
Surrendered the possibility of sensual kisses
Hope continues to light my spirit,
That beyond all logic you come to me.

Accepted not being yours
I couldn't survive without you,
Not having you always in my life
Until the sands of time disappear.