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HHS Cruise
Can I make and receive telephone calls?

You may direct dial your family and friends via satellite from the comfort of your stateroom at any time during your cruise. You may also use the ship's Radio Room any time the ship is at sea. Additional information, instructions and charges are found in the ship's directory in your stateroom. Please note that since communications at sea are via satellite, guests cannot use calling cards or credit cards, nor dial collect.

Your friends and family may also call you via Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN) Shore-to-ship Telephone Service by calling

Within the U.S.:1-877-CCLSHIP (1-877-225-7447)             
Canada and outside the U.S.: 1-732-335-3284.

The caller needs to have available the ship name and the guest's name. The rate is $9.50 per minute within the U.S.  Additional long distance charges may apply to callers outside the U.S. The charges will be applied to the caller's credit card: MasterCard - Visa -American Express - The Discover Card - Diner's Club.