Birding Adventure

North Padre Island, Texas
February 18-20 2011

You can drag these off to your desk top or a folder to see full resolution.

Birds!001.   Birds!002.   Birds!003.   Birds!004.  
Birds!005.   Birds!006.   Birds!007.   Birds!008.  
Birds!009.   Birds!010.   Birds!011.   Birds!012.  
Birds!013.   Birds!014.   Birds!015.   Birds!016.  
Birds!017.   Birds!018.   Birds!019.   Birds!020.  
Birds!021.   Birds!022.   Birds!023.   Birds!024.  
Birds!025.   Birds!026.   Birds!027.   Birds!028.  
Birds!029.   Birds!030.  
Birds!031.   Birds!032.   Birds!033.   Birds!034.  
Birds!035.   Birds!036.   Birds!037.   Birds!038.  
Birds!039.   Birds!040.   Birds!041.   Birds!042.  
Birds!043.   Birds!044.   Birds!045.   Birds!046.  
Birds!047.   Birds!048.   Birds!049.   Birds!050.  
Birds!051.   Birds!052.   Birds!053.   Birds!054.  
Birds!055.   Birds!056.   Birds!057.   Birds!058.  
Birds!059.   Birds!060.   Birds!061.   Birds!062.  
Birds!063.   Birds!064.   Birds!065.   Birds!066.  
Birds!067.   Birds!068.   Birds!069.   Birds!070.  
Birds!071.   Birds!072.   Birds!073.   Birds!074.  
Birds!075.   Birds!076.   Birds!077.   Birds!078.  
Birds!079.   Birds!080.   Birds!081.   Birds!082.  
Birds!083.   Birds!084.   Birds!085.   Birds!086.  
Birds!087.   Birds!088.   Birds!089.   Birds!090.  
Birds!091.   Birds!092.   Birds!093.   Birds!094.  
Birds!095.   Birds!096.   Birds!097.   Birds!098.  
Birds!099.   Birds!100.   Birds!101.   Birds!102.  
Birds!103.   Birds!104.   Birds!105.   Birds!106.  
Birds!107.   Birds!108.   Birds!109.   Birds!110.  
Birds!111.   Birds!112.   Birds!113.   Birds!114.  
Birds!115.   Birds!116.   Birds!117.   Birds!118.  
Birds!119.   Birds!120.   Birds!121.   Birds!122.  
Birds!123.   Birds!124.   Birds!125.   Birds!126.  
Birds!127.   Birds!128.   Birds!129.   Birds!130.  

These videos will play on a Mac. Not sure about on a PC. They probably need Quicktime. And, yes, that's me huffing and puffing in the background.
I think you can drag these off, too.

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