Welcome! Class of 1966
Harlingen High School, Texas

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E-Log Group Guidelines

Welcome to the E-Log group. It's nice to have you join us. Following are some suggestions that members try to follow. In general, we try to reflect on things from high school or discuss current triumphs and tragedies to get participation from others in the group. Sometimes communication will "dry up" for a few weeks. An occasional good story or joke is okay, but actual correspondence is preferred and most valuable to the group.

This group will not tolerate personal attacks on the views of other members.

Business solicitation and petitions are not allowed.

This group will not entertain arguing on religion and politics.

We have many members who are using their e-mail addresses from work. They have requested not getting daily jokes, chain letters, etc. In the past a few newcomers have sent multiple daily e-mails containing jokes. Several complaints have been received and some members requested that they be removed from the group mailing list.

General etiquette "no-no" include:


  • Forwarding forwarded messages. It's rude to make the recipient wade through pages of forwards. In addition, these longer than necessary messages with trails of addressees take up extra storage space on everyone's computer if they keep the message. Instead, use your editing tools to cut and paste the message or web link you are sending.

  • Using long signature blocks (more than 4 lines) at the end of your messages is unnecessary.

  • Answering e-mails without including the question and without signing your name. Don't assume the recipient remembers what question you're referencing with your answer. Also, with our large group and newcomers, some members don't recognize everyone's e-mail address.

  • Try not to forward chain letters.

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