Welcome! Class of 1966
Harlingen High School, Texas

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Class Motto


Alma Mater

"There's a feeling good and true,
And it's from our hearts to you,
As we give a toast to thee,
May you ever happy be,
And though far from here we roam
We will always call you home,
It's the place we love the best,
Dear ole H H S!"

Sing along with the Alma Mater and Fight Song.

Fight Song

Fight Song (Sara's version)

C,A,R,D,S da da da da da da da
Marching down the field
The red and white will have (their way?)
We'll fight, we'll fight, we'll win
Again our (boys?) will shine
We'll raise our banner to the skies
Cardinals never.......?
Our fighting spirit never dies."