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Harlingen High School, Texas

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HHS Tamale Making, November 23, 2001

Class of 1966

Let's learn how to make tamales in Fort Worth, Texas.

1. Linda Gonzalez Escobar and Brandi Griffith wash the corn husks.

2. Corina Rodriguez finishes mixing the masa harina.

3. Corina Rodriguez demonstrates how to get the right size corn husk.

4. With masa on it, the corn husk should look like this.

5. Bonney Bott and Brandi Griffith do their first one.

6. Linda Gonzalez Escobar, Bonney Bott, and Brandi Griffith spread masa on the corn husks.<

7. The beginners.

8. The experienced help.<

9. Practice makes perfect.

10. The tamale Nazi puts the meat in.

11. Time for a break.

12. Steam the tamales and clean up the kitchen.12. Steam the tamales and clean up the kitchen.