Welcome! Class of 1966
Harlingen High School, Texas

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HHS Cozumel/Calica Cruise, January 18, 2003

Class of 1966

Cruise Signup Details!

Click for larger photo:
Onboard the ship, Carnival Celebration

Meet the happy cruisers: (Front Row) Johnny ADAIR, Debbie ADAIR, Bobby ADAIR, Barbara ADAIR, Olga ALVAREZ Oberwetter, Sara JOHNSON Lacy, Courtney BEENE, Cristi THORPE. (Back Row) Lesley McGHEE, Pat THORPE, Larry FARMER, Kathy MILLER Farmer, Silvia BEENE, James BEENE, Bonney BOTT Rousseau.

First order of business: Life Boat Drill. Sara doesn't look too happy.

Behind the ship

In the Horizon Dining Room

Courtney does the sushi appetizer before dinner

Bonney and Lesley

Bonney, Lesley, Silvia, Courtney, and James

Silvia and Courtney

Courtney and James
Dress Up Night in the Astoria Lounge

Olga and Sara

Silvia, Courtney, and Pat

Bonney, James, Silvia, Courtney, Pat, and Cristi

James, Silvia, Courtney, Pat, and Cristi

James and Silvia all dressed up
Dress Up in the Horizon Dining Room

The BEST WAITER, Ruben LOPEZ and Silvia


Bonney and Lesley

The Waiters singing

Bonney and Lesley

Kathy, Sara, and Olga

Courtney and James at dinner

Courtney and James

The waiters sing

Lesley and Bonney
Exercise Room

Olga works off dinner

Courtney works off dinner