Welcome! Class of 1966
Harlingen High School, Texas

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HHS 2003 Oldies Festival
Grand Prairie, Texas, September 12, 2003

Class of 1966

The following participants are pictured below. Corina Rodriguez, Katie Vaughan Cobb, Mary Ann Nowlen Farmer, Melissa Farmer (Farmer's Daughter), Linda Gonzalez Escobar, Rudy Escobar, and Bonney BottRousseau. Rudy got a new camera that makes everyone look fat!

1. Corina, Katie, Mary Ann, Melissa, and Linda.

2. Mary Ann and Melissa.

3. Mary Ann and Melissa.

4. Katie and Mary Ann.

5. Rudy and Linda.

6. Corina and Katie.

7. Rudy, Linda, and Corina.

8. Linda and Corina.

9. Linda and Corina.

10. Bonney.

11. Linda, Corina, and Katie.

12. Rudy, Linda, Corina, Katie, Mary Ann, and Melissa.

13. Rudy, Linda, Corina, Katie, Mary Ann, and Melissa.

14. Bonney.

15. The Stage!

16. Corina and Katie.

17. The speck to the right is Peter Noone on stage.

18. Corina, Katie, and Linda.

19. Rudy, Katie, and Linda.

20. Melissa.

21. Linda Corina, Katie, Mary Ann, Melissa, and Bonney.

22. Bonney and Rudy.

23. Melissa, Mary Ann, Katie, and Bonney.

24. In line for food...like we need it.

25. Linda and Corina. It was barely drizzling.

26. Bonney.

27. Corina and Bonney.

28. Linda, Corina, Bonney, Mary Ann, and Melissa.

29. Rudy and Linda.

30. Bonney, Corina, Katie, and Mary Ann. It's really not that cold.

31. Linda and Bonney.

32. Linda and Bonney.

33. Bonney, Corina (under the cardinal blanket), Katie, and Mary Ann.

34. Corina, Katie, Mary Ann, and Melissa.

35. Mary Ann, Bonney, Linda, Corina, and Katie.

36. Mary Ann, Bonney, Rudy, Linda, Corina, and Katie.

37. Bonney, Katie, and Linda.

38. Melissa, Katie, Corina, and Linda.

39. Linda and Bonney.

40. Linda and Corina.